Cynthia A. Rogers"


Teaching Experience:


Indiana University:

Introduction to Poetry (ENG-L205/ F 2014, Sp 2015)
Instructor of Record

Course targeted to teach upper-division non-English majors to independently read, enjoy,
and interpret poems covering a wide range of time periods and forms. Three essays
focused on the ability to appropriately support claims with evidence from cited sources. 

Literatures in English to 1600 (ENG-E301/ F 2013)
Teaching Assistant

A survey literature course for undergraduate English majors with two lectures and one discussion session per week. I taught two sections of discussion. My duties included grading exams and essays. I also gave seven lectures over the course of the semester on early medieval drama, Beowulf, and The Canterbury Tales during lecture sessions.

Professional Writing (ENG-W231/ F 2011, Sp 2012, Sp 2014, F 2015, Sp 2016)
Instructor of Record

A writing intensive course focused on planning, drafting, and revising common forms of
professional writing, with an emphasis on the expected rhetoric in the various genres.

Introduction to Manuscripts (ENG-L383/ F 2010)
Pedagogy Internship with Rob Fulk

An undergraduate introduction to manuscript studies and paleography. I served as a
graduate intern, giving two lectures (on codicology and chant notation) and assisting students.

Elementary Composition (ENG-W131/ F 2009–Sp 2011, Sp 2016)
Instructor of Record

First year composition course focused on analytical thinking and writing.

Oklahoma State University:

Great Works of Literature (Spring 2006)
Teaching Assistant

A course that spanned works from Greek antiquity to Modern America.
I served as one of two discussion leaders in this course, teaching half of the students one
day a week, and assisting the professor of record with grading.

First Year Composition I & II (Fall 2005–Spring 2008)
Instructor of Record

Two semester long courses teaching writing skills. First semester assignments
emphasized fluency, expression, tone, audience and organization. Second semester
introduced documentation styles, research, critical thinking, and argumentation.



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